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Creating happy snacking moments

We are passionate about great tasting savoury snacks

Intersnack has been operating on the Czech market since 1993, when it followed up on the successful production of traditional potato chips of the Czech brand Bohemia in Choustník. The company's commercial success, accompanied by consumer interest in salty snacking products, led not only to a major expansion and renovation of the local factory premises in the years 1993-1999, but above all to a fundamental increase in production capacity. In 1993, the German brand Chio was also launched at the Czech market and expanded the portfolio of the Czech division with new tasty products.

While the production site in Choustník has always been the home of the popular brands Bohemia, Chio and Pom-Bär, the plant in Hradec Králové has been producing various savoury baked snacks for over 30 years. By combining traditional baking procedures, manual production and modern technologies, greatly popular products such as Hradecké bars, Peanut puffs and other snacks are created here. Owning to their high quality and excellent taste, they have long been of great interest to Czech consumers.

Thanks to our wide range product portfolio, consumers can enjoy chips, nuts, baked snacks or other interesting salty specialties. Nevertheless, none of the products would have been created without the company's professional team of employees, whose persistence, diligence and knowledge help to bring consumers popular products that have become an essential part of family celebrations, parties or just small gatherings with friends.

Intersnack CEE

In Central Eastern Europe we have commercial activities in 6 markets countries: Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia and other export markets.

We are proud to be the leading manufacturer in the area of savoury snacks in Central Eastern Europe with around 1,500 employees at our five CEE production sites.

Intersnack Group

The Intersnack Group is managed by regional management units that cover the Group's activities.

Intersnack has a large portfolio of local and international snack brands, from potato chips, nuts, and baked products to specialty snacks.

Our most famous brand names include funny-frisch, Chio, Estrella, Hula Hoops, POM-BÄR, McCoy´s, ültje, Vico, Tayto and Griffin´s.

As a privately owned company, we operate with a long-term view. Intersnack’s strength lies in our unique blend of local knowledge and international expertise; our people and teamwork plus our entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for excellence in everything we do.

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Our culture

Intersnack is active in many markets and has a diverse community of employees, across many countries. But we all share an inclusive culture, driven by teamwork and motivated by excellence.

And we care deeply about the impacts of our actions - on our people, our business and the planet.

Our global presence

We have 43 production sites:

31 in Europe, 4 in Australia, 3 in New Zealand, 2 in India and 3 in Vietnam